Bash – Bitcoin Cash

Bash. That is how I’ll be coining them. Bitcoin cash. If Digital Cash could be Dash then here we have Bash. 

Bash is currently sitting at 20% value of btc. They have about 20% public mining pool support. 

Expecting some hobbyists to try to mine Bash after the implementation. Difficulty rate likely lower than btc. So more chance for people with their old PCs and GPUs to give it a shot. 

If after a month or so and their value increases above 20% of btc, it could mean a few obvious things. 

Right now Bash is $350 vs Bitcoin at $2700.

Though not the best comparison, Ethereum Classic is ten percent of Ethereum. 

Even at $300 value, Bash would debut with a big bang on the charts within the top ten. With approximately 5 billion dollars worth in total. 

A lot of commentators refer to market capitalization as the way to measure the power of a currency. Next is the amount transacted. Transaction value. 

This August event is probably the most clandestine ICO of the year, if not the history of crypto currency. 


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