Bashing the Alternative Coins

Bash (aka Bitcoin cash) is on. The on switch is on. 

As noted in previous postings, it will head to the top ten charts by virtue of having the birth rights of the original immutable Genesis block made by the (future) Noble prize winner Mr Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Easily he will win the math prize, science, physics, and the peace prizes. Making him the only multi Noble holder if that is any important to his vision of diminishing the evil world of greedy Bank and those invisible hands. 

Now Bash has bashed those alternative coins. It’s ranked fourth. Over 6 billion dollars. Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero all were overtaken seemingly overnight. 

It appears that way. And that is what will drive the herds. Common folk who sees it bashing price value of even ethereum (currently $220) with $384. These folks will have money on hand wanting to get bitcoins. Bitcoins are $3000 each. A tad high. So let’s buy Bash instead. It’s genuine too from the original creator with immutable chain robust never been broken or hacked. Let’s invest in Bash. 

Monero, Zcash, Dash, all have some privacy mechanism. They are good tech. Amazing tech. But here bash is gaining ahead due to Satoshi. And the original white paper. Can’t beat it psychologically and gets harder each passing day. 

Even litecoin, which is supposed to be a fork of bitcoin. (*fork is a contentious definition so do more homework to find out) But I can’t see it was the original Genesis chain (if it is please write and I could update). It was a times four play, in litecoin. 

Total coins, times four. Total time speed it by four. Then it’s like a minor algebraic experiment to see if putting 4x will make it worth four time less, or cheaper (when things look cheaper people could invest) or become an almost virtual peg of x times value. 

At this year’s value, litecoin is approximately 20 times to 25. (one bitcoin is 20 times of litecoin) Ether was 10 times but when it went 7 times, it went crazy. 

Bash will not surpass bitcoin. Yet. Both have a great track to proof despite the other alternative coins that now are no more in any contention except for being good tech, good price, good diversification drive. 

The true two horse race is here. 

Two camps to prove. What metric to prove? The world wants low fees. The seven kingdoms want fast processing time. 

One camp has Segwit plus 2MB.

One camp has 8MB.

Nothing too amazingly complex. It is like Nvidia vs ATI. Both are doing graphics. Both have something to show. Both on the same type of track. (if comparing Apple to Microsoft then that’s multiple tracks or different tracks altogether) 

The natural question comes and the reason you’re still reading my post. Only time will reveal more. Though time in cryptographic world is dog + cat years. It will be fast and in human time, in months. 

Both will keep trudging. Fees will be low with this competition going forever. When it gets congested, Team Segway (ya I like that Segway people mover) will move with 2MB then Lighting and Schnoor, while Team Bash will have 16MB then 32MB with ability to scale up or down to cap freely. If highway is jammed add four more lanes. If no jam subtract. 

This perpetual race and virtue of origins will Bash all alternative coins. 


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