Bitcoin 100 metre BOLT Dash Experiment

Bitcoin is an experiment. The Bitcoin Cash (Bash) fiasco is a good measure of that experiment.

Two camps. Either could be Usain Bolt. The best will win but the second place still will be awesome in the world.

The task: simply to produce fast secure transactions, and at a low cost, low fee.

The 100 metre dash, that Olympic Games benchmark of an athlete does the same.

Find the fastest person, in the shortest amount of time to travel 100 metres. Yea, follow the rules, don’t switch lanes, don’t pre-mine (don’t false start your run), don’t dope, so on and so forth.

When people talk about cryptocurrencies and they have that fear of being the loser, being ashamed after the fact, always have this crude excuse – it could all go to zero, or worth nothing. This is definitely a defence mechanism. Everything. Could. Go. To. Zero. Gold could go to zero. Think about it. Organic kelp could go to zero. Fifa World Cup defending champion could go to zero and they did. Stocks alll could go to zero, and many many did. But when they had their IPO or prospectus, nobody talked about that sentence. It could all go to zero.

Oxygen could go to zero.

The Bigmac could go to zero.

Your muscles could go to zero.

Hence, it is often misleading, not a word of caution. But a word of being ashamed. It is akin to the person who didn’t amount to anything, then saying everyone would die someday, sounding philosophical. That too is a bone of a contention. Who could “amount to anything” by “any measure of society” or by one’s own self? Do we measure by the the number of toilets in the house? The number of cars? The miles traveled, or stuck in traffic? The amount of water used? The amount of USD in the bank balance? And isn’t bank balance is a fake number?

We still measure something out of nothing. We measure our whole life with useless things that will be useless at “the end of time”. The bucket list.

Therefore if anyone mentions again, bitcoin could go to zero. Then yes. Smirk. Smile.

You are in that race. Bolt’s race. That bitcoin race.

Your are in that race. The human race.




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