First World Problem Rant

Well, I had to add the word rant. Ala Gordon Mah Ung, the extremely superb techie reviewer of Maximum PC who has since moved to PC World. The Gordon Ramsay of the PC world, perhaps?

Well why rant? There was a post in a group telling me off to not write spoilers of the Game of Thrones series, when I posted a comment that the latest episode had some nice cryptography reference and banking, that supports war and fascism just like in our current world circa 2017.

How a revolutionary paradigm could shift things out of their pockets. Very bitcoin correct?

Annoyingly two people posted a reply stating I’m spoiling it. They need to have time to watch their first World TV series without being disrupted about the story line. Poor things.

Another rant. Many times, the YouTube videos and bitcoin hard fork forums talk about the whole bash situation as being confusing to users. I like Boxmining. He has good videos. But that very last video about “ohh it’s so confusing it’s going to be confusing to explain bitcoin and bitcoin cash to people, go humanity. It’s such a hard life.” Boo hoo.

First world problem.

Another rant is about electricity. About wastage. The accusers of wastage. You have heard it before. Bitcoin is using lots of electricity to do nothing. Lots of it is wasted. Finding nonce. Finding no one. (a pun!) Wasters! Bills skyrocket. Feed the poor. They will write that all these cryptocurrency mining process, is a huge waste to the resources of the planet. We are rigging machines to compute. Yet the computation is not making anything. We are wasting resources.

Well, it seems valid at first glance.

Finding the nonce, mining, and lottery. This is the “task” or “game” assigned to the system to secure the system. In other words, the true meaning of mining is many participants tries out a number, show it, and checks if it is the winning ticket. It is a lottery. So they keep checking dozens of tickets a second. Tera-tickets. Peta-tickets! Those numbers come after our familiar millions and trillions. So imagine the number of physical lottery tickets printed to find that winner. And it keeps getting harder.

Then only 1 winner. All tickets discarded. All mining electricity discarded or thrown out the window. Seems again very valid we are in a shameful activity.

Now let’s compare with shameful banking, shameful corporations.

They setup a huge building to house their corporation. Before that, it was a farmland. Before that it was a pasture for free-range ducks. Belonging to the wild and free and natives. The natives feel they belong to the land. They cultivate it. They share with the animals. They respect the land. They are the Avatar tribe (Navi is that?).

Then a group of educated or civilised intruders came along, make them sign with the blood on a piece of papyrus, stating now this land do not belong to you anymore.


Now this great building, triple towers in the busy central zone called Central Business District, The City, The Wharf, stands majestically. Inside are men and women, designing something diabolical. It is paper. Yet not paper. Inside it are sins within a sin. You take a debt obligation, the wrapped it in sugar, then resell it back to the investor, who was originally the person in debt buying a house, and now was sold a mutual fund that buys into this debt derivative instrument that either promises to pay X amount if the debt collapsed in Y time.

These evil little men and women, are paid in lots of resources. They eat food that is 2500X the native Navi would eat or cost. Their pound beef meat, needed 1669 litres of water – from farming the grass and corn, to feeding the cows, fattening them with GMO, antibiotics literally doping the animals, spraying pesticides to keep their lot “clean”, cleaning all of the waste using precious water again.

And usually, they don’t finish eating the whole piece of meat. They feel fat or lousy and leave a third behind – on the plate. That is discarded.

They drive around is vehicles that consume so much energy to produce. And usually they will waste it by driving round and round, or frantically accelerating, braking. And they enjoy this “sports” called F1 racing, that literally wastes millions – driving around in almost orbital circles. Unbelievably, there are people who pay tickets to watch that. The tickets cost 10-20 meals on average.

Wastage? Rant.


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