Wake Up Wrong Dream

Besides learning from blogs, press release, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, another place to pick up the vibe, news, bits are groups.

The Ethereum group (likely not official) that I joined and quit within a week poses these recurring questions:

  1. Is this a good time to buy now Ethereum?
  2. When can I buy a Lambo?

Repeat that several times, several different ways of expressing:

  1. The price went down, should I sell?
  2. Now the price is high. When is the dip?
  3. Can 1 Ethereum buy a Lamborghini?
  4. Now I can’t buy a Lamborghini, only Aventador. (they are the same?!)

Plus a ton of phishing links – send money here, to claim your free bitcoin click here, get daily payout. And likely these phisherman and phiserwoman, are reeling in the fish with their bait.

The point is many people are in the realm to get-rich-quick. Without knowledge, without know-how. Without doing research, studying, learning, paying to educate themselves. And worst is their so-called dream. Their dream is a very expensive car that the doors move and open “this way – upwards, NOT that way” – Russ from Silicon Valley.

Cars. Engines. Big, expensive, fast. Furious. Cars that have top speeds of 300km/h. But you can’t drive that fast. You can’t maintain it. It still takes you from A to B and C without other vehicles.

That kind of a dream to dream about, is sad. The whole scam industry, bank industry, roundtable of the top property seller, diamond level insurance agent greed’s goal. How sad is humanity? Vile perhaps. Demonic. Furious. Ego.

Feeding the ego, feeding the pride. That’s why there are wars – for the oil. That’s why that pound of beef uses so much land, water, sanitisation, fertilisers, antibiotics. That steak. That McDonald’s burger patty. And in the bin, many half eaten portions. Thrown away. Throw away culture.

Think forward – we don’t need to OWN cars anymore. Just like in the turn of the previous last century. Should I go for the white horse, or the brown, or the black, or the mixed black and brown spotted one? Horses became obsolete.

Car ownership is obsolete. Parking fees. Cleaning. Insurance. Afraid of it being stolen. Being damaged. Being vandalised. Maintenance. Petrol, oil, tuning. Shackled to this is not freedom.

There are better things to do, to own, to use, to enjoy.

Your greatest assets are your time and happiness. Your true wealth is your time and freedom.




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