Jeff Berwick Anarcho-Capitalist


Anarcho-capitalist evangelist: Jeff Berwick

His pages:

For Anarchast, really started liking and enjoying and watching the videos after he stopped smoking, then he talked alot about health, healing the gut (was researching on these about health, antibiotics in our food, that brought me to his channel). So watch that video link above about one guy he interviewed that shared about how much the modern person’s body is polluted by the food and supplements, and vaccinations that they thought that it was good to have and brainwashed from it.

Do not pay tax to fund war. I like this on how he talked about being prior-taxpayer and virtual traveller. Can’t reveal too much since privacy is important. In short, I quit my job, then obviously need not pay income tax anymore. And that was XX many years ago! I had a hobbyist online store. Not a real store, not even those nicely made Wix store. But during the old days, selling online was very very very difficult. The buyer had to send “cash in the evelope” – literally – “hide from the postman, by putting them between thick sheets, or a greeting card”. Literally again. These were the instructions I gave them. “Never use coins, please use good usable notes.” “Please write my address correctly, clearly, legibly. And write your return address.”

Simple. Clear. Concise. Never had once the money been stolen.

So I had some sales going, then I decided to make it “legit” by registering a sole proprietorship company. Keyed in sales figures so on and so forth. Then due to the horrible legal system and lack of information, I couldn’t confirm whether one MUST employ an accountant to do such as meagre calculation of sales and revenue. So I did them myself and signed them myself. Did it for 2-3 years.

Then since I was always in the third country, I read online that if you’re away from your home country over 183 days or half of the year, you’re legally not required to pay income tax. Since income tax in most UK styled countries categorised it as “inland revenue.” In the land. In the land you are standing, making your pizza, selling your pizza.

Virtually, I was literally selling virtually. I wasn’t in ANY land. Though yes another technicality or wordplay here – pun intended or not – I was in – Thai Land. In Thailand, the licensing fee for software is less than in Australia or USA. And the arbitrage value, minus a discount value for the end buyer, is my profit. Counter Strike Source. This WAS a sought after software. Retailing perhaps around 99 AUD. In Thailand, at that time, the cost was 15 AUD. Don’t get excited. We are not selling at 99 AUD. It was sold at 33 AUD.

Back to the main story. Well, I didn’t have to legally pay any inland revenue income tax. It was all virtual. It was software. It was in a third country, and third world country. All the actual taxes I paid – yes I did paid – was the sales tax, GST or VAT they call it. I have all those receipts.

Then I start to ask, why these legal system want it to be so complicated? 7 years to keep the receipts. Get an accountant. (middle man again – our nemesis). I dislike the middle man. Insurance agent, mutual fund agent. All those. They are in a perfect market, not exist. Or exist as customer service.

I once bought insurance from a friend/foe. When it was payment time, I promptly paid – not the actual figure – $2500.15. It was a large multinational insurance company. The receipt showed $2500.00. I became suspicious. There was a discrepancy BY a LARGE CORPORATION. THAT does focus on the itsy bitsy importance of accurate figures. Numbers! But the customer services said, oh it’s fine. We have your record and it was paid correctly. But what if 25 years later, when I am doing an insurance claim and they noted that it was paid insufficiently?! Wow. Now the real world was crumbling. It was like Neo. It’s like a scam waiting to happen. Not just this particular story, but many smaller stories and experiences, and encounters that keep you in tabs.

Next is, the movie Jack Reacher. He was not trackable because he won’t allow “systems” and sentinels, to track him. I don’t work in my 1st country or home country or passport country. I don’t have a record of (official) work. I did not register to vote. It was partially due to being away, not enough time, and silent protest against the establishment, since almost all the elections are rigged, with a plethora gerrymandering, plus siphoning of funds and several homicides. The governance system was already bias to start with. And that is a long huge story that may not be written in PentaPrison.

All my credit card bills or charges are paid in full every month, since I first received the card. Never used the card on retail. Mostly online payments. Ok, so I am not Jack Reacher level, with zero credit cards and zero bank accounts. (or did he?)

Anyway the point is, less ripple in the water. Less getting noticed by the mantis.

I could have been the No Man, Jim Carrey portrayed. Everything no. Say no to credit card debt. Oh Yes!

No, don’t own a car. Though I did own one when I was studying in another fourth country. But I didn’t register the card.

House, no, I don’t own any. Had owned an apartment once, where all the money went into the toilet maintenance. Literally into the toilet bowl. The sewage maintenance fee was killing me. That made me realise that all of this was rigged too. Sell you the idea of a home for an affordable amount. Then comes all these fees, maintenance, charges, management, legal (hate this), insurance, fire insurance, theft, junk food insurance. Very smart. And package it such a way – “you must own a house, it is fact of life. No house, equals loser. ” No man. After I don’t own that, came freedom.

In fact when I owned the place, I paid the housing loan extra every month. To try to kill of the principal debt. Literally I would pay 5 times the monthly payment. Or more.

Sold my huge Altec Lansing. It was heavy.

This was a life experiment too. Sell things you don’t need. Donate things you don’t need. Donate clothes you never wear. Reduce them. Minimise. Minimalist. Own less, but get more. As Mike Maloney summarises in Hidden Secrets of Money :

Your True Wealth Is Your Time And Freedom. (and they are taking, robbing, stealing, cheating, tricking, you of it)

The last part was my writings. He essentially inferred that. The government or the establishment, they trick you. Think about it. Trick. Brainwash. Sounds very harsh words. Must be hushed out. Or wow, this guy is insane. But think. About. It.

We are eating alien meat called “chicken breast”. It is fed with alien composition not found in nature. Monster-santo made them. We are becoming alien or prawns as in District 9.


So here we are. Living a fake life. Breeding fake new life. It is NOT unlike Neo’s Matrix. All tubed up, connected, and sucked of true life’s form.



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