Bitcoin Related Sites Global Ranking

Ranking of bitcoin related sites: 4847 (Roger Ver’s site)

Bithumb 6165 (Korean exchange)

Coinmarketcap 493 (comparison site)

Coinbase 619

Poloniex 599 (exchange)

Bittrex 963 (exchange)

Binance 65089 (new exchange in China, barely a month old, impressive ranking)

BTCC 74307 (China exchange)

Kraken 2299 (exchange)

Bittref 153263 (to check bitcoin balance) 117328 (for creating cold wallet) 1913 (forum) 7274 (ethereum wallet)

LetsTalkBitcoin 220351 (podcast)

Bitcoin.KN 402257 Trace Mayer.

DollarVigilante 92970 Jeff Berwick, Anarchast. 59136 (Mike Maloney, author of Protect Your Financial Future, and Hidden Secrets of Money breached the 500 top websites. Still searching for the sites that can breach 400, 300, and when it’s within the Top 100, it means mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

Quick comparison:

Paypal is 73rd. Ebay 36th. Airbnb 291st. AirAsia 1675th. 95th. Uber 837th (*though most users go via their app). (11th). AliExpress (53rd). Fedex 460th. RyanAir 998th. Asus 605th.

Youtube 2nd.

Youtube is naturally second. Everyone is watching videos. Photos are getting obsolete, so is the standard camera, be it DSLR, CSC, or smartphone. In the near future, the camera or the “device” will be taking continuous video all the time, for a fraction of cost (storage cost, battery cost), and if one needs a photo, it can extract from any milisecond out of that video. On top of that, 360 videos, and ubiquitous “recording devices” – some installed by commercial, governments, surveillance – will be everywhere. The commercial ones will be at events, parties, ceremonies, and nobody needs to feel left out of the moment, since these services or devices, will record everything and you can choose which parts you like to construct your own video montage, photo montage. Cameras are obsolete.



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