PentaPrison Ver 0.18 Beta – 18 May 2017: Made a Facebook Page –

PentaPRISON Ver 0.17 Beta – 21 Feb 2017: A place to share some ideas and thoughts, and creative writing of experimental fiction concerning bitcoin, anarcho-capitalism, libertarianism, and mixing them up.

I support – and have made over 450 micro-credit loans there.

Let thy food be thy medicine; healing adrenal fatigue, break free from institutionalised disease care (they call it health care), advocate of boycotting GMO, boycotting chemotherapy/vaccines/antibiotics.

True original health literature – selected reading:
Dr John Bergman – reversing diseases naturally uring natural health care
Dr Berg – adrenal body type, cortisol, and belly fat
Dr Axe – how sugar destroys your body

Anarcho-capitalist libertarian literature:
– Stefan Molyneux
– Jeff Berwick – how detoxification saved my life with Josh Macin

Bitcoin Analysis:
Bitcoin As A Store Of Value – Vinny Lingham
Infographic WooBull – Willy Woo
Bitcoin Geekend by Toru

Knowledge Podcast: by Trace Mayer