Parabolic 100 Trillion USD Global Stocks

Look at this chart closely. The past couple of months, total global stocks value rose sharply, parabolic.

Compare with 2008, this trend line is disturbingly diabolical.

We all know bonds, stocks, housing (again) are being fed by fake Quantitative Easing Money. Sixty Trillion of unstable money that does not come from productivity.

It is very clear. 2018.


Binance Neo Gas Payout Today

Binance promised to calculate, tabulate and make the Gas payout every 2nd of the month. Today is the 2nd of September.

Checking my account in their simple, sleek interface – Distribution History – credited with some Gas.

Gas price is currently $15.61. It was over $30 some weeks ago.

See the image of the account screen below. If you have Neo and are using Binance, do check that you have your payout.


Remitano Security Loophole

Have been using Remitano for some months and have been giving them a good rating all the while because of its efficiency.

About two weeks ago, this changed. No doubt it is one incident.

After placing a buy order on an open trade, as usual, I checked the seller’s bank details and deposit using my online banking account. After 3 minutes all completed. I took a screenshot of the online banking transaction, as well as a screenshot on my mobile phone app verification, plus the confirmed SMS notification.

SO I click Payment sent.

After a few minutes, the seller activated a “DISPUTE”.

Normally, it is buyers who (may) activate a dispute if seller did not do anything after payment sent.

So I went to the log page, and uploaded my screenshot of the payment.

Moments later, the seller wrote he/she made a mistake and want to refund. I checked the price of the trade. Yes it was a bit low. But prices fluctuate all the time. The trade setting may have been set a bit lower. But regardless, I message Helpdesk to seek help.

I uploaded payment proof. Helpdesk said wait for seller to confirm.

Next, the seller said he/she will process a refund. No, we did not agree to that. Helpdesk did not agree to that.

So what the seller did was this. Seller checked the payment details, then grab the transfer details and then attempt to make a refund onto the account.

Seller wrote tons of crap in the log. I kept asking Helpdesk for help. Because if one seller can change their mind after thinking price is low, and use the system and refund as they wish, and threaten to give you negative if you didn’t comply, this system is a failure.

The reason for Remitano to exist is to prevent such situations. This was 11pm. So I went to sleep hoping the Helpdesk will solve this and release the coins rightfully.

Next day, the coins still not released by seller.

Instead Helpdesk called me asking if I have received a refund. I checked and said yes. But I explain to Helpdesk that this is not approved. Even Remitano page stated, do not click CANCEL if you have paid seller. I have paid seller. Seller out of own decision made a refund or transfer money to the account that paid in. It could have been a worst mistake if transferred wrongly.

After more than a few hours waiting, Helpdesk again asked. I said yes i have a refund. But I don’t want this. I have paid and want to get the 0.0001 coins or whatever the value it doesn’t matter if it was refund. This broke the principle of Remitano. Anybody could click sell, then received payment, then refund as they wish and use a negative feedback as a threat.

More Musings In Steemit

Plans and strategies to TAKE DOWN bitcoin including seizing Iceland, disrupting and seizing IP addresses of mining pools, internment camps for Coinbase users who presumably are in the IRS blackbook. Capturing very public vocal luminaries and putting them in Abu Ghraib style resorts. Fear is a powerful weapon.

  • The Segwit war will be a Game Of Thrones. One will certainly be frozen. Be very careful playing this game or even watching by the sidelines. You could get dragon fire!



USA Takes Down Bitcoin Mining Pool Domain (fiction)

This is a fiction in the event fiat value moving tremendously into the bitcoin world when the financial world has the next crisis in 2017 or 2018.

The top public mining pools were taken down by USA government agencies using elaborate legal, technical, regulatory lines.

Seizure of domain names. Domain names are easy target. Next the relay channels are blocked. Using packet sniffer and packet tracers to close ports associated with bitcoin transmission. Flooding those ports to overwhelm the listening daemons.

Activating vulnerability bug within some bitcoin code are two hard forks, and obsfucating traffic so those bitcoins are transmitted and intercepted and end up in triple tangled separate blockchains.

Seizing of all bitcoin exchanges, remanding all staff as part of cyber terrorism. Same goes to core developers, evangelist, top show hosts such as Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Jeff Berwick, and putting Antonopoulos into a maximum security prison in an outside dark jurisdiction ala Abu Ghraib internment camp.

Coinmarketcap, Coindesk, Coin Telegraph, Coin Dance, and many news pages all seized and closed.

Gold bars are not seized. But citizens are required to declare and deposit their bitcoins to the central government repository to “protect against terrorism”. Those that failed to declare and deposit will be slapped with felony charges.

All apps that have bitcoin features are blocked and removed. And their app traffic intercepted.

Bitcoin Prison is established to house all these miscreants and enemies of the state. The Department (Ministry) of Love will help them and give them the proper dose of drugs to help cure them. Their lives are dependent on these critical health care services.

Alas this WordPress page is also removed. You’re the last one reading this post. Get ready for Oblivion.

Bitcoin And Ancel Keys

A long time ago, a government department of USA, FDA employed a professor/ researcher / lobbyist / (saboteur?) to come up with a report to discredit one industry and promote another – by seemingly “factual, scientific, mathematical, researched” proof. Looks legit, looks presentable, university, research, funding, black coat, people that becomes credible because it looks credible.


With that, a whole industry profited from it for several decades. Billions perhaps trillions. Then another billions and trillions in the sub-industry or the “after the fact” industry. Medicine, tests, checkups, insulin, insulin injection, prescription, medical insurance. So on and so forth. Corn, GMO, pesticides.

Today it is apparent this strategy will be employed in the cryptocurrency world. And the biggest giant is the target. Can’t fight Godzilla or King Kong directly. Firepower, curtailing, direct attack, missiles, pulling the plug out of the electricity cables and internet, all don’t work.

Therefore taking a page out of the carbohydrates and sugar industry, is the planting of a GMO seed WITHIN bitcoin. Can’t break the chain from outside? Break it in from inside out.

When will it happen? It already happened.

When will it explode or implode? We will never know.

What we know is we have the freedom to vote with our feet. Vote with our bits. And hashpower and education.

Educate yourself. Not school. Not university (oh I typed unversity! – I am going to use that term now. Un-versity is that. Educate by learning the tricks of Ancel Keys below:



The point of contention may finally be moot. There may be Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Lightning, Bitcoin SegWit, Bitcoin One, Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Uncore, Bitcoin Thunder, Bitcoin Diet, Bitcoin Max, Bitcoin Protein, Bitcoin Vegan. Though we should do the research and homework ourselves.

Video on how the huge statin industry formed from that report by Ancel Keys.