Indonesia Supported Bitcoin For Years

As the Western developed nations strangle bitcoin by the throat, using methods they proclaimed are used by dictatorship, “bad non-capitalist non-free people”, that they themselves are using – shutting down bank account, seizing bank accounts, and murdering Dr Che Guevara in cold blooded inhumane way (and *inanimal* way since animals never invented, nor intended to be killed using the device called a pistol or gun) – you see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity.

Indonesia – in the island of Bali, bitcoins are going strongly. See this

Some factors that contribute to the acceptance and proliferation of bitcoin:

There are many foreign owned restaurants, pizzeria, hotels, lodging, airbnbs, retired expats, digital nomads, artists, freelancers, yoginis, surfer boys, living in the Bali. Or living intermittently, indefinitely.

The rupiah, the Indonesian Rupiah have had a volatile past. Hyperinflation, devaluation, as can easily seen from the number of zeros on a average piece of note. For a bare nasi meal with egg and some vegetables, it is ten thousand – no doubt ten thousand rupiah. Alas, the detestable OECD person trumpeting “it is only less than 75 US cents!! OMG, it is so cheap!” Very despicable, diabolical in fact.

A short history:

  • in 1949, upon Kemerdekaan Indonesia, it was 3.8 rupiah to $1 USD
  • in 1952, it was 11.4 rupiah to $1 USD (down 300% in 3 years)
  • in 1959, it was 45 rupiah to $1 USD (down 390% in 7 years)
  • in 2017, it is 13000 rupiah to $1 USD (down 28888% in 58 years)
  • More reading: Wikipedia Rupiah

How is this all going to play out? The longer this goes on, the lower it gets. The hardworking average farmer who knows nothing, likely suffered for years for generations. And the rich Eat Pray Love girl comes and trumpets – everything is so cheap, cost less than 1 USD. The big spenders from Australia, can just hop on an airplane that costs the safe price as the taxi ride from his suburban Perth house to the airport, to land in Bali, do unlimited surfing, eating unlimited numbers of pizza, and steak, party all night along Kuta, finding easy targets – simply because their Australian dollar is worth ten thousand times.

For others, they can keep working, keep quiet. Keep getting skewered by government policies, by corruption, by inter-governmental corruption, by corruption from advanced nations taking their resources via underhand tactics yet shown as legit, legal and acceptable – but for some others, there is a choice now.

It is to put their savings, their sunlight energy, into bitcoins.

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